Not Covered by Long Term Care Insurance

What Long-Term Care Services Are Not Covered

Long-term care insurance policies provide for a wide range of services. However, there are some things that are not covered (limitations and exclusions). These are very typical of long-term care insurance plans. They generally include:

  • Intentionally self-inflicted injuries
  • Care required as a result of alcoholism or drug addiction
  • Care due to war (declared or undeclared) or service in any of the armed forces or auxiliary units-this exclusion does not exist in the federal employee program, which covers active military personnel
  • Care due to participation in a felony, riot, or insurrection
  • Care not normally made in the absence of insurance
  • Care provided by a member of the insured’s immediate family (though under certain circumstances a family member may be able to receive pay to provide care)
  • Care provided outside the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, unless a provision for international coverage is included


The information above is reprinted from Working with Seniors: Health, Financial and Social Issues with permission from Society of Certified Senior Advisors® . Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved.