Home Sharing

Home Sharing with Non Relatives

Why would a senior open up the doors of his or her house or apartment to a stranger such as a boarder or live-in tenant? In fact, only a very small percentage (just over 2 percent) of seniors share their households with someone unrelated to them (Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, 2000), but their reasons for doing so may be compelling. Among the benefits (Golant, 1992) are:

  • an additional source of income;
  • companionship and not having to live alone;
  • a greater probability of getting help in the event of a disabling accident or medical emergency;
  • assistance with everyday minor home maintenance, household chores, and grocery errands;
  • assistance with personal care needs including bathing, dressing, meal preparation, walking, and getting around.

Currently, home sharing is not a popular housing option. However, some communities feature home share programs sponsored by nonprofit organizations that assist seniors if they choose to share a home with others.

The information above is reprinted from Working with Seniors: Health, Financial and Social Issues with permission from Society of Certified Senior Advisors® . Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved. www.csa.us